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My very favorite service that I offer agents is the Property Website and Marketing Kit. This has been new to my business in 2020 and it's made such a great difference. There are tons of ready made, customizable marketing pieces and opportunities to further serve your listings all in one "agent dashboard." Can't emphasize enough how much time this can save you and quality you can provide clients. When you order three or more photography services, it's FREE!

The property websites are customizable to suit your branding and style. There are countless design themes and details to customize - fonts, animations, buttons, music, and more. The sites are super user friendly (for both you and consumers!), while visually clean and pleasing to the eye. 



Features & Benefits:

  • Branded & unbranded (MLS) website that can be customized with property info, key features of the home, agent branding and headshot, interactive map and school and local demographics

  • Embedded Virtual Tours and Video - Matterport, Zillow 3D Home Tours, interior videos & more are all embedded on your beautiful website

Below are more perks of the Marketing Kits!


Social Media Tiles

Here's an example of a social image that is automatically generated in the back end of your property site. Your branding and agent info are instantly added. There are New On Market, Pending, Just Sold, and more! You can customize if desired, download, and then get the word out to your followers!


Social Media Videos

With every marketing kit you'll find a variety of social media videos already created and ready to download. There are branded and unbranded options, and short "teaser" videos. Your listing's beautiful photos are automatically brought to life, plus videos are much more popular on social sites!


Listing Flyers

Beautiful listing flyers are ready to download and print instantly. Simple, straightforward, and with a focus on the photos of the home. Your branding is automatically included. Use the default design or choose from over a dozen flyer templates, paste in your listing description and you're all set! 


QR Code

QR Codes are more and more useful in this "touchless world" we are living in. You've probably been to a restaurant and had to scan a QR code to read a menu. The property website works the same way. It automatically populates a QR code that you can use on flyers, postcards, etc., so that consumers can access the entire property website. 



We take a creative approach when photographing a home to best display the layout and unique characteristics.


Pricing starts at $250


  • Unlimited images to cover the space

  • High-end retouching- each image undergoes intense photoshop editing combining both ambient and flash exposures

  • Enhancements include blue sky replacement and fireplace rendering. Green grass available upon request and additional charge.

  • 12-24 hour return (usually have them back the following morning before noon)



Videos are a great way to create an emotional connection to a home



A video showcase of the exterior and interior of the home

Pricing starts at $275

  • 2-3 minute interior video

  • Tasteful music

  • Professional editing

  • Branded content

  • 12-24 hour return

  • Aerial video footage available at additional cost

  • Add an agent intro for additional cost

  • Branding added to video 





Pricing starts at $150


  • 8-15 aerial images of the home and surrounding areas

  • high end retouching- each image undergoes an intense photoshop editing process

  • Enhancements include blue sky replacement and property lines. Green grass available upon request (additional charge applies)

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Subject to zoning and weather

  • 12-24-hour return

  • FAA Certified Drone Pilot





Zillow 3D Home Tour

Pricing starts at $75


A new kind of immersive 3D Home Tour!


  • Listings with a 3D Home tour are labeled with a unique tag that helps them stand out from standard listings on Zillow

  • Enrich the search experience. Offer viewers a clearer understanding of a home’s features and layout.

  • Create rich media — easily. Our simple tools make it easy to add engaging, interactive virtual tours to your listings.





  • Immersive 3D experience

  • Allows out of state buyers to experience the property first hand

  • 24-hour open house

  • Floorplans with room dimensions (additional cost)

  • See the home from a unique perspective with the dollhouse view

  • VR compatible

  • Hosted for two months, additional hosting billed per month


Pricing starts at $135



Pricing starts at $400


Great photos of your Airbnb can help you make the property more profitable!

Let's showcase how great it is to stay, with high-quality images.



Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging:

Staged homes sell! But in todays fast moving real estate market there is a quicker solution: virtual staging

  • Virtual staged images help the buyers to visualize the space and how to arrange furniture. 

  • Buyers will look at photos over one hundred times but may only visit a home once or twice

  • huge cost savings to virtually stage. ($35/image vs. thousands to stage whole home)

  • The average agent will stage between 5-7 images


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